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I was suffering from chronic fatigue for past three years after a cancer surgery. I was sleeping up to twenty hours a day, had no energy, and was waking up due to hot flashes every night. I had also been suffering from migraines for past thirty years. Within six months of receiving Ayurvedic and Reiki treatments from Meera, my hot flashes are gone, my migraines are gone, I sleep normal hours and have so much energy that I am embarking upon an extensive studies course requiring five and a half days a week commitment for four months. I never thought I would be doing this course at age 79. I highly recommend Meera, her Reiki treatments are Nirvana.

D. Martin, retired teacher

Walnut Creek, CA

Ayurveda has been very effective in limiting my symptoms of Parkinsons's even with just doing half the program that Meera had recommended. I have more energy, my focus, movements and speech are better, I have lost two pant sizes, I am sleeping better and my male vitality is back. I am happy to endorse Meera as an Ayurvedic practioner.

T. O'Neal. teacher

Oakland, CA

Meera is both very knowledgeable and intuitive. I've been quite pleased with the results I've experienced during the past two years. My over all health is much better, I have lot more energy and endurance, my digestion is much better. Plus, she's a pleasure to work with. I've felt confident in referring friends and colleagues to her.

S. Smith, meditation teacher

Oakland, CA

I sought help from Meera and the Ayurvedic system after treatment for breast cancer. I had constant nausea, poor appetite, poor digestion, abdominal discomfort, as well as fatigue and anxiety. I took several treatments from Meera including Reiki as well as modifying my diet. Meera put together several herbs specific to my profile. The nausea disappeared when nothing else had worked and the treatments gave me the extra support I needed to regain strength and stamina. Thank you, Meera!


El Cerrito, CA

I found Meera while going through a very tough time in my life.   At 34 I   needed to move in with my family for the first time in 15 years because of the way Lyme disease had spread throughout every organ of my body/brain and I was no longer able to work, think clearly, and was in a lot of mental/emotional and physical pain.

Meera just happened to be working in a center for health, a few blocks from my family's place in Emeryville, and we worked together for about 6 months.     Meera would listen to my heartaches, and then help me relax through trance work. Seeing her was the only time I would have a few hours of relaxation and less pain.     Nothing the doctors gave me worked, and my visits with her were life savers.    

Meera is incredibly intuitive and understanding, and her approach to healing and to life is one of grace and love.   She was my first introduction to thinking about life in a spiritual way, and I used her visualizations of healing to calm my mind and relieve pain, and I will always be grateful for the light that she shared with me.

I'd see Meera over a psychologist any day.   If you're looking for help with a change in your life that may seem overwhelming, go see her!


Elizabeth Alexander

Owner/Founder of Reading In Preschool

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